Coral coast

The Coral Coast stretches from Exmouth in the north to the Kalbarrie in the south, it is more than 1100 kilometres (680 miles) of white beaches, outback desert, coastal towns and the world’s largest fringing coral reef the World Heritage listed Ningaloo reef. You can play with wild dolphins at Monkey Mia, take a trip on an large Catamaran and see the Dugons and sea snakes. If you are in a 4*4 you can access skipjack point in shark bay, stay at Red Bluff or Gnaraloo, both have good surf and Gnaraloo has good windsurfing spots.
How could i forget Coral bay and Exmouth. Coral bay has Coral 100 metres from the sand, you can snorkel and check out the fish and the clams. Exmouth has shipwrecks, surf and great beaches(torquoise bay) where the turtles come up the beach at night, lay their eggs and return to the water before the morning and Yardi creek, from Yari creek you can travel south through the goverment firing range and Ningaloo station to Coral bay much better than the black top, but you need a 4*4, water and supplies.