Broome is a beach resort town in western Australia’s Kimberley region. Along its Indian Ocean coastline, the white sands of 22km-long Cable Beach offer a dramatic backdrop for sunset camel rides. At Gantheaume Point nearby, dinosaur tracks are revealed in the beach’s red rocks during low tide. Broome’s historic Chinatown overlooks Roebuck Bay Broome is pearling town with history of the Broome hard hat divers and pearl farms. Gantheaume Point has dinosaur footprints and can be seen at low tide, tides in Broome can be 10 metres high.


Derby is the name of the small town that's located on the edge of the King Sound in far north Western Australia. Derby's claim to fame is having the highest tides of any Australian port. 11 m (36 feet) of tidal difference means there is an enormous amount of water rushing in and out every 6 hours Seven kilometres out of town is the site of the Boab Prison Tree, a 1500 year old boab tree that was used as an overnight lockup for prisoners.Today the tree is a registered Aboriginal site and fenced off.